Network: 1: Student Book with Online Practice

ISBN 10: 0194671585
ISBN 13: 9780194671583
Autor: Tom Hutchinson, Kristin Sherman
Idioma: Inglés
Materia: Estudio de idioma
Student Book: One-page, one-lesson, one-outcome approach ensures achievement Student Book: Your Network activities help students to practice communication in class and online Student Book: Get Connected lessons build social media skills such as creating a personal profile and blogging in English Student Book: A photo-based storyline presents the language students need for work, school, and life, in a natural and motivating way Student Book: Original BBC Motion Gallery video and authentic documentaries develop real-world listening skills Online Practice: Allows you to assign up to 25 hours of extra grammar, vocabulary, speaking, and listening practice for the classroom or at home, and track your students' progress Online Practice: Features over 120 activities per level, including integrated video, audio, and speak and record dialogue practice Online Practice: Provides instant access to Student Book video and audio, Workbook audio, test audio, and answer keys Online Practice: Makes reviewing students' progress easy with integrated and downloadable tests, including unit quizzes, midterms, and finals Online Practice: Features extra teacher tools so teachers can create groups of students for differentiated instruction and set up online discussions Online Practice: The access code for Online Practice is printed on the inside back cover of the Student Book

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